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911 call from shooting of Rochester granddaughter mistaken as intruder

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The 911 call transcript has been released in the shooting of a Rochester girl who was mistaken as an intruder by her grandfather.

Stan Wilkinson, who is an associate pastor at the Rochester Seventh Day Adventist Church, was asleep when he and his wife awoke to a noise outside around 11 p.m. Monday. Wilkinson grabbed his handgun and told his wife to call police as he went to investigate.

Capt. Brian Winters said Wilkinson saw a figure at the back door and fired at least two shots. The figure was actually his 16-year-old granddaughter, who he thought was already inside the house.

The caller, Donna Wilkinson, told the 911 dispatcher, "There was an intruder. My husband thought there was an intruder. Here, it's our granddaughter. She's been shot, Please!"

Wilkinson begs the 911 dispatcher to please save her because the teen is bleeding badly. The victim's grandmother goes on to say her granddaughter was apparently smoking outside before she was shot.

The victim, identified by friends as Paige Wilkinson, is still in critical condition at St. Mary's hospital; however, she is expected to survive.


RPD: Rochester Police Dispatcher
FEM: Female Caller (Donna Wilkinson)
MALE: Unidentified Male in Background

Call begins Monday, Dec. 10 at 10:55

RPD: 911.

FEM: Yes, please, we need help! --- ... ---- East River Road ... please ...

RPD: What's goin' on there?

FEM: (Pause)

RPD: What's going on there, ma'am?

FEM: (To background: Stan ...!)

RPD: What's going on there?

FEM: There was ... okay, there was an intruder, my husband thought there was an intruder, here it's our granddaughter was outside, she's been shot, please!

RPD: Your granddaughter's been shot? (To background: (INDISCERNIBLE) get me Gold Cross on the nine one one ...)

FEM: Yes, please, we need help right away!

RPD: Who shot her?

FEM: My, my husband, her grandfather!

RPD: Your ...?

FEM: He thought that there was an intruder out there, we didn't realize that she was outside!

RPD: So, so your husband shot your granddaughter?

FEM: Yes! She was outside and we didn't know that she was outside!

RPD: What did he shoot her with?

FEM: (To background: What did you shoot her with?) Oh please! (Crying) Please come and help us ...!

RPD: What did he shoot her ...? We're coming but what did he ... what did he shoot her with?

FEM: Oh God! (To background: What did you shoot her with, Stan!)


FEM: Nine millimeter. (INDISCERNIBLE) ...

RPD: He shot, he shot her with a nine millimeter?

FEM: ... yes! Oh God!

RPD: Is she breathing?

FEM: (To background: Is she breathing? Is she breathing, Stan?)

MALE: (From background: She's bleeding bad!)

FEM: She's bleeding, bleeding bad!

RPD: Where is she bleeding from?

FEM: (To background: Where is she bleeding from, Stan?)

MALE: (From background: The chest!)

FEM: The chest!

RPD: She's bleeding from the chest?

FEM: Yes! Yes!

RPD: Okay ...

FEM: Please come help us ...!

RPD: We're coming, we're coming, we're coming ...

FEM: ... she's sixteen ...

RPD: ... we're com- ...

FEM: Ohhh ... (Crying) Ohhh ... ohhh ...

RPD: Can you tell me if she's breathing?

FEM: Yes she's breathing ...

RPD: Is she conscious?

FEM: ... yes she's breathing.

RPD: Is she talking?

FEM: Yes, she's talking, she was calling his name. Oh God, please ...!

RPD: Whereabouts in the chest did he shoot her?

FEM: (To background: Where-, whereabouts in the chest, Stan?)

MALE: (From background: What!)

FEM: (To background: Where in the chest?)


FEM: Oh, Paige ... Paige, why didn't you tell us you were outside! Oh (INDISCERNIBLE)!

RPD: O- ... first of all, ma'am, can you calm down and try to calm her down, okay? I need, I ...

FEM: Yes, my husband is outside with her ...

RPD: Yeah, I need you to try to calm her down and don't move her ...

FEM: Yeah, he's doing his best ...

RPD: Okay, don't move her.

FEM: ... he is.

RPD: Okay, don't move her, okay?

FEM: (To background: Don't move her, Stan!) I'm, I'm ...

RPD: Okay ...

FEM: I'm unlocking the front door.

RPD: Unlocking the front door? I want you to unlock the door, okay? We've got a lot of help coming ...

FEM: Yes, I'm ...

RPD: We have a lot of help coming.

FEM: Apparently she was outside smoking and we thought it was an intruder. (Crying)

RPD: Does she live with you?

FEM: Yes she does.


FEM: Please save her ...!

RPD: Yeah, we're coming, ma'am, we're coming as fast as we can ...

FEM: Ohhh ....! (Crying)

RPD: ... what's your name, ma'am?

FEM: Donna Wilkinson, Stan and Donna Wilkinson.

RPD: (To background: The gun's in the house, it's secure ...)

FEM: (To background: It's open, honey ...)

RPD: ... (INDISCERNIBLE), it's in the house.)

FEM: Pardon?

RPD: (To background: It's in the hou- ...) Where's the gun at, ma'am?

FEM: Oh it's just on the floor, he has it on the floor.

RPD: (To background: It's on the floor by her ...)

FEM: No, it's on the floor in the, in our house.


FEM: Please ...

RPD: Alright, we're, we're, we're ...

FEM: Please come soon ...

RPD: We're comin'. Can you tell me if she quits talking or anything like that?

FEM: (To background: Is she still talking, Stan?)


FEM: (To background: Is she still talking?)

MALE: (INDISCERNIBLE, she's just breathing.)

FEM: She's just breathing.

RPD: (To background: Stan's Wilkinson's the one who shot.)

FEM: I, I hear them coming ... (To background: They're here, Stan!)

RPD: (To background: Mom ... mom's in the house, or grandma's in the house, grandpa and granddaughter are outside. And grandpa's ...)

MALE: (In background: Hi ...)

FEM: (To background: Hi, yes ...)

RPD: Alright, you talk to the officer, okay?

FEM: Okay ...


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