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How to deal with pet odor

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No one likes to smell a pet before you see a pet! From caring for litter boxes to pet body odor, pet care and lifestyle expert Charlotte Reed had some tips on tackling pet odors.


Keep pets clean -- Although dogs, cats and birds have a natural odor, their fur or feathers pick up odors from urinating and defecating, rolling in god knows what, playing with other animals and the food you cook in your home. So, it is best to have a regular bathing routine or to wash them when they are stinky.   Additionally, finding the proper shampoo is important because like humans, not all shampoos work for all pets.   If you have a dog breed like a Beagle or Basset Hound that has natural oily skin and coat or a hairless dog or cat that can easily become dirty, you will need to find a shampoo that works best for their skin and coat. Speak to your groomer or veterinarian about finding the best grooming products.

Practice preventive measures -- While cleaning your pet's ears and brushing their teeth can contribute to your pet's well-being, these measures also help to control pet odor. Dogs with hanging ears need regular cleanings as there is less air circulating, which can cause yeast to build-up in the ear canal. This can also cause unpleasant odor as well as an ear infection. Additionally, a dog that does not have a dental routine will be more than likely to develop bad breathe and periodontal disease. Ask your veterinarian what preventive measures you can take to help prevent pet odor.

Wash bedding often -- Pet bedding can also smell and should be laundered often. Wash pet bedding in hot water and add white vinegar to the rinse cycle to remove any lingering smells. Depending on the type of bedding your pet has line dry or dry in a hot dry to remove an additionally odor causing bacteria.

If you continue to be bothered by the smell of pet bedding, invest in a pet bed made of Crypton fabric. Other than Crypton, a few pet manufacturers use this fabric to make a sleeping spot. Crypton is the only disinfectable fabric available. Crypton fabrics are made with a "patented integrated moisture barrier." This means that the fabrics are made with tiered levels of protection for spills, stains and odors. The fabric does still need to be cleaned, but not as often.

Dealing with litter box odors -- The toughest odor issue that any pet owner has to deal with is connected to the litter box. Ammonia gas comes up from a soiled litter box and travels all around your home very quickly. Other than using an absorbent litter, scooping daily and cleaning the box once a week (this depends on the number of cats in your home), use a product that can eliminate the odor before it leaves the litter box area. Make sure to use choose an odor eliminator that is safe and non-toxic, like Zero Odor. This product is free of perfumes or scents, because our pets are very sensitive to fragrance.

Confine odor causing activities -- To help reduce the smell of pet odors in your home, feed your pet in one room and wash his feeding and water dishes at least once a day. This may be hard for a home with cats as they need to eat throughout the day. Additionally, change the water a few times a day to keep the water clean of debris and dust which can contribute to odor.
Moreover, if you have a puppy or senior dog that uses a wee pad or you keep a cat that uses a litter box, keep your pet potty areas in one room in your home. In your pet's potty area you may want to keep an air filter running.

Vacuum to Clean up Pet Hair -- Investing in a good vacuum, like a Dyson 41, is important. If you pet spends time on your carpet or furnishings, you will need to reduce hair from these surfaces. Additionally, shedding hair continues to smell of your dog or cat and can contribute to the smell in your home. Vacuum all carpets, furnishing and other pet surfaces.

Maintaining cages and crates -- Cleaning bird cages and crates on a regular basis is a necessary chore for any pet owner. Consider cleaning cages and crates with steam. An important tip to remember is not to use the steam cleaner to clean urine odors from carpet or upholstery. The heat will permanently set the stain and odor by bonding the protein into any man-made fibers. Moreover, the goal is to eliminate pet odor not enhance.

Although we deal with all kinds of odor problems in our homes, pet odor issues always seems to be the one at the top of our list. Developing a routine of washing your pet, maintaining his health as well as cleaning his bedding and accessories on a regular basis will reduce odor in your home. But no matter how you tackle his problem, make sure you are not harming your pet with toxic chemical solutions.

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